I bought a Financial Self-Help book.

FinanceI’m really bad with money. I have no savings. I don’t budget. I find myself broke every summer when I’m unemployed and at the end of each semester when my OSAP runs dry. I have never looked into changing my habits because I always had my parents to lean back on when I’m broke.

In the past 5 years of living on my own for school, I spent money like I was mediocrely well off. Whenever my debit card was running low, I would pull out my mum’s credit card so it seems like I’m taking a break from my own money. Later when I got my own credit card, if I’m ever running low, I would get my mum to pay it off for me.

It’s so bad that whenever I am out of the house, I look for things to spend money on. It could be as little as an Italian soda from the coffee shop, or a meal I wasn’t planning on getting cause I wasn’t even hungry. I reward myself with ‘splurges’ for when I get a good mark on a test, when I’m having a bad day and need a pick me up, or even just when I haven’t treated myself in a while.

Everyone knows I have bad spending habits, the sad part is that I don’t even know where I’m spending all my money on at the end of the month. It has come to point now, where reality has struck and my mum can’t bail me out of broke ass situation anymore. I need to make my own spending money and save money for next year when I move out. I don’t even have a stable job right now to put a cherry on the top.

I’m starting to panic now, and I’m finally realizing I actually have to figure my shit out. I want to be able to financially support myself when I move out next year, I want to be able to have my own savings, and not be worried about having under $200 in my bank account. I want to be able to fund my own trips, and not have my family pay for it every time.

I want the financial freedom of an Independent Successful Young Woman.