Dream Catcher

FinanceIt may seem like my blog is turning into an art blog, but I promise it’ll die down soon. My inspirational moments come in bursts and then disappears for months at a time. I was trying out a new technique to see how it would turn out. I was curious how it would turn out to layer an object above pastel splashes of paint. 

Dream Catcher – Acrylic & ink on Wood

I’m satisfied with the finished result, but this was definitely not my favourite piece. I uploaded the painting and it was sold to a friend of mine within 15 minutes. Not bad if I do say so myself. 

Today my boss also asked if I wanted to donate a painting to his wife’s charity event, I gladly accepted seeing as it would push me to create more art. Stay tuned for more art…



Ice Cream


AwesomeWhat I have right now is the opposite of a artist block. I’m coming out with new pieces like it’s my job. Inspired by my ice cream boobie shirt, I’ve decided to go along with the rainbow ice cream cone idea, but add my own splash (literally) of grunge to it. This is my first time painting on a wood panel as I have always been curious.

Ice cream – Acrylic on wood

I am so happy with how this turned out. I’m obsessed with the urban/grungy look that it has. Definitely going to explore the style further.

Order & Chaos

AwesomeI’ve always taken my talent with art for granted. It’s just something I always had on the back burner, knowing the things I’m able to do but don’t make an effort to find time to express myself. Ever since my dream career path changed, I’ve told myself that I’m not actually as talented as I always thought I was and soon became so humble with my skill that I feel like its not even a part of my anymore.

I recently started developing a style in my art work. It goes along the lines of effortless freedom of strokes and colour. I go into a painting not fully knowing what I’m doing, I know the colours I want to use and how I want to work the space. I just let go and paint until I am satisfied with the various colours and strokes. Here are two of my latest pieces; Order & Chaos.

Order – Acrylic

All the colours and movement of this piece is precisely contained within the black boundaries. The shapes are easily understood and there is a sense of order and unity within the piece.

Chaos – Acrylic

Elements of the previous piece can be found in this piece ( The gradient stripes, simple shapes, effortless painting strokes) but contrasts it in a way where this piece have broken out of any boundaries that were assigned. This can be seen with the circle silhouette on the painting, where all the colours and strokes are surround it instead of being contained within.

The paintings also compliments one another in the fact that Order is painted in cool tones, while Chaos in warm tones. I had fun painting both pieces, but being the perfectionist I am I had a harder time painting and finally be satisfied with Chaos. I found difficulty in finding balance in the painting that I was not necessarily looking for.

All in all, this is a style that I want to practice and I would later like to incorporate more representable objects into my paintings.