Confessions of a Chocolate Girl

FinanceThis summer like last, I am working as a sales representative for a local chocolate company. The only difference with this year, was that not only am I attending potential client sales meetings, I am also delivering, collecting money, reorder follow ups, social media public relations, and anything miscellaneous task that my boss asks of me. 

It’s not a bad gig, it’s just being one of the few employees, and basically being the face of the company with our clients, it get stressful in the fact that my boss expects so much from me. I have definitely my skills in this job where even I am surprised at how much I have grown as an employee. 

Last year, I was partnered up with another girl to do sales. She was a recent communications graduate who was definitely more skilled in the communications department than I was. Also, because she was older, she took charge of our sales meetings more than I did, at times I felt as though I was her assistant. We got paid the same, so I didn’t mind. We were also selling an idea, there was no packaging on our products yet, and we were just getting people to agree to pick up our product when production starts with no strings attached. I returned to school in September, so I had to leave the job at the end of Summer.

I got offered the job again at the start of Summer this year. Being away from the company, where it has now started production and delivery, my boss got their current sales rep to train me. She got offered another job so she was training me to replace her. Watch her at our sales meeting was very educational, but at the same time intimidating. She graduated with Marketing, so she knew what she was doing. Shortly after she left, I did struggle. The apparently difference of this year was that I will be working alone. It was fun working with a partner, the day goes by so much faster with a friend. A problem that came up was that most of the obvious stores that would carry our products we have already targeted, I had to be creative with finding new stores. Soon saturation became apparent so I had to cross the Quebec border to do my sales there. Second problem is that I’m not French. I stopped taking French after grade 10. I’m not completely horrible, I pick up languages pretty easily, but it’s still annoying that my boss expects me to have the same success as I would in Ontario. 

Things started to look up as I was finally meeting my boss’ expectation and then he decided to sent me to Toronto to train a new sales rep that he hired. The week after, he sent me to Montreal to do the same thing. Going into the city was pretty fun, it’s was especially cool when people ask me what I’m doing in the city, and I tell them it’s for work. How baller is that? 

It’s safe to say that in a matter of 3 months, I was able to grow so much in my job. I love that get to create fun relationships with my clients. They seem to really like me and get excited when ever they see me (It’s probably because I have chocolates with me) I’m not going to be a sales rep forever, but it’s good to have had this experience to really tune up on my communication skills in a social setting, and to effectively work by myself to get stuff done.