See you later, Best Friend.

Today, my best friend of the past four years in university left. She left to pursue her dreams of being a Psychiatrist at medical school. Endless water works happened because I am the biggest sucker for any kind of good byes.

From automatic seat buddies in German class, to the rhyming friends at miscellaneous parties, to road tripping across Canada, to becoming a package deal to everyone that knew us, to finally having our dreams come true and moving in with each other. She has made the past four years the most memorable experience.

This was a moment we knew was coming and have been dreading for the past 5 months. This has been the most amazing summer in a long time because I had my best friend with me 24/7. Fitting as much memories into our tight budget and our limited time together was hard but I appreciated every second.

Missing you, will only make me want to work harder in school. So we can be fabulous and be able to fly to visit each other in our fabulous big cities and do fabulous things. I can’t until you become a fancy doctor and I, a swanky engineer.

But until then, our fun together will be on hiatus until we can make up for it when I see each other next.

I love (enjoy spending time with) and miss you Kc.