Honey Blonde Balayage

BeautyI’ve been feeling super ordinary and boring lately, and today I gave myself some much needed hair make over just in time for the new school year.

After discovering hair stylist, Guy Tang, last year I have been obsessed with his work. I have been secretly obsessed with getting a blonde balayage for my hair, but have always been financially stuck to actually get it. This past may, I went around to different hair salons to get consultations of getting what I want and everyone told me that I can’t get that light. I eventually settled down to get a subtle ombre, but I was never as satisfied as I could have been.

I got suggested by a friend to see a hair stylist who herself was asian and she has beautiful blonde hair. She knew exactly what I wanted and as an added bonus, she was in love with Guy Tang as much as I am. I booked the appointment right away, and I went in today for my 4 hour long appointment. 

Before & After

I wanted to see how light my hair was going to go but still keep the natural colour of my roots. My hair stylist did a great job and got my hair down several levels with bleach. She was able to keep a nice gradation of the blonde to my roots. I didn’t know how damaged my hair was, and how much of I fix up I needed until I saw the picture above. My layers have gotten so ‘rachet’.

My hair definitely looks lighter in person and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen to the colour over time. Depending on how I like my colour, I might want to go even lighter in a few months 😀