Finance, Fun, Family Goals: Part 1

I picked up Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapar today and in the second chapter she tells me to write down realistic goals for the next 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years. So here it goes.

Date: July 5th, 2015

Finance Finance 
Year 1: Get a job in the Engineering field. Be registered for Engineer in Training (EIT).
Year 3: To have worked on an international airport project.
Year 5: Become a Professional Engineer (P.Eng). Be able to start sending money to my family.
Year 7: Pay off Student Loans
Year 10: Become a senior engineer, or a project manager. Help mum pay off mortgage.

Awesome Fun
Year 1: Have membership at a sick gym/personal trainer. Be able to not have to worry about the price of food and drinks when out with friends.
Year 3: $300/month budget on my wardrobe. Moved out into my own condo. Take trips/year. Have my first basic car.
Year 5: Down payment on my first property.
Year 7: Switch basic car for a nicer car.
Year 10: –

Year 1: Going on dates in the city.
Year 3: Be in a steady relationship.
Year 5: –
Year 7: Consider marriage.
Year 10: Consider having kids.

My list will be updated as I please through out the year, and I will hopefully meet my goals.



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