2014 in a Nutshell

With 2014 wrapping up, here is a summary of highlights/lowlights of this year.

BeautyAfter over a year of trying to figure out how to do my eyebrows; ranging from cheap shadows to inadequate brow pencils,  I finally took the plunge and got the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. This happened in the summer and it’s safe to say brow game has changed forever. It took a good month or two to master the brow technique, but I did it.

I started to blowout my hair when ever I style it, and no longer straighten my hair. I have been straightening and abusing my hair for the last 9 years, and I finally realized that I have to take care of it. Yes I’m still applying heat to my hair, but it’s not to the extent of when I’m using a straightener. Blowdrying my hair with a round brush has resulted in smoother, softer hair, which is something I’ve been loving.

Speaking of hair, I went an ombre blonde. And yes, I have been having more fun since.

MenThis was the year of Tinder dates. All the dates I’ve been on this year, was from Tinder. All the guys I’ve been involved with this year, was from Tinder. I went on a rock climbing date with a guy, and I might have crushed his balls while being a bad top rope partner. I also went on a dog walking date with a guy because he said he had a dog. I was more interested in his dogs. I went on 2 dates with this guy that I thought was cute, but never went past making out; he was a good kisser. Between the months of March-September, I was involved with this grade A horn dog. It wasn’t till now looking back that I realized he was an asshole. I suspect that I let me neediness of men’s attention cloud my judgement of the guy, it also clouded my nose to his B.O. That latter point is embarrassing to admit. Towards the end of hanging with him, this guy had the atrocity to talk about his girl he is seeing, was on his phone the whole time we were hanging out (we were at the mall), and then tried to get lucky with me later on. Sorry, but I have a little more self respect than that.

FinanceI had my first independent job that required me to be on my own ass to get stuff done. As mentioned in my previous post, this was the first time I had to work by myself, five days a week. It also allowed me to have a pretty sick summer with the cashflow, and the opportunity to travel. Though I don’t see myself doing it again, it was a great experience.

After my summer job ended, I realized that I have gotten used to the life style of making and spending money. So I started looking for a part time job for during the school year and landed myself a hosting job at Moxie’s. I have always wanted a job at a well known chain. I’ve also been wanting to get a job where I get to have work friends; something where my previous job was limited to. I’m 3 months into the job, and I’ve been really enjoying it. Not super demanding in comparison to my school work, and it’s a fun atmosphere. The only thing I had issues getting used to was having to wear heels to work. It doesn’t hurt me as much anymore. I kind of see it as a blessing in disguise, as it’s training my feet to be able to comfortably wear heels.

BrawnThis was the year I turned my fitness up a notch. I started lifting heavier and hitting personal records like squatting 140lbs, 10 shy from my own weight. I’m slowly seeing my body change. Thought it may not be exactly how I want it to be, I still have a lot to work on in terms of my eating habits and lifestyle.

And with that, here’s an abrupt conclusion and a reminder at how bad of a writer I am.

Till next time,



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